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Light and sound, as we usually interpret them, are elements without gravity and mass. The represented iteration “GRAVITY” adds another layer by kinetics. The elements of light, sound and mechanical movement are placed in narrative relation to each other and go beyond the expected behaviour.  The setup includes six steles, each containing four rotating and emitting light elements. Through the continual interaction of intensity, rotation and speed, in combination with sound, a unique audiovisual composition is created.

a detailed moving loop for on of the steles
The picture shows the wallmounted installation UNTIL with a page slightly below it mid fall. The falling page is blurry due to its motion. The Picture is very bright and mostly white.


“GRAVITY” thus becomes more than an installation; it is an exploration of the relationships between physical and ephemeral elements, encouraging viewers to reconsider their perceptions of light, sound, and motion in a deeply engaging and meditative way. The intricate mechanics between the light elements are build and integrated seamless into the structure providing a consistent and captivating experience for every observer. Yet they are not hidden but are visible and understandable by shifting ones perspective from the main axis. This shift reveals the operation of the seamless blend of visuals, sounds and kinetics.


In collaboration with Robert Schnüll↗ & Jannik Bussmann↗

The picture shows a diagonal perspective on the assembly of the installation. the six steles are visible and part of the mechanical workings

Full Loop

Full Loop of the Installation @Emaf↗ 2019 in Osnabrück, GER at Felix-Nussbaum-Haus and Kunsthalle Osnabrück.

A wide angle of the installation Gravity showing the six steles