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Waiting for Humans

Waiting for Humans


With government-issued lockdowns a global question arose: How do we, from within the safe corners of our own walls, keep processes running? Many sectors have migrated to classic video conferences as at least some kind of replacement.

Within the frame of an art school, we were quite reluctant to believe it sufficient. Our work heavily relies on in-person meetings, usage of workshops and local presentations. Our semester topic « Expanding Spaces » therefore presents the New Media Classes’ approach to these limitations.

During the semester, we have articulated, stretched, broken, reflected, extended and transgressed the boundaries of our private realms. Far beyond the screens we have come to rely upon for living.

To frame these works appropriately, we erected the world’s largest video conference call: elevated as a totem of our current times, streaming our personal spheres and its art to the scale of the city, live for 24h.

Until the pandemic is over, we keep waiting for humans

Support with Merani Schilcher for Robert Schnüll and Vinzenz Aubry.

A wide angle of the installation Gravity showing the six steles