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Streaming Assets for re:neb

Streaming Assets for re:neb


2022 the Klasse Klima held a symposium named “Re: New European Bauhaus. For A Just Design of Climate Politics” which navigated critical perspectives on the European Green Deal and the New European Bauhaus. These were some of the graphics that I made for this event. More information and the whole event can be watched at

re:neb Website↗

The virtual program of talks, discussions and workshops aims to explore institutional, artistic and designerly strategies to utilise the creative fields’ response-ability and agency for climate justice in European politics. Additionally, two physical events in Zurich and Berlin will situate the debates locally and offer the chance to connect in person.

The website, design and content was created by members of the Klasse Klima↗ and technical support and infrastructure was done by medienhaus/↗ (which I was a part of at that time). I solely implemented the streaming tech and motion graphics.