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QR Inspiration

QR Inspiration


While researching and browsing old chats, talks, bookmarks, journals, loose links and more I thought I will gather what I can find from past years and collect everything in one place. To make this work public I quickly put together a website that randomly selects links from this list, generates a QR-code and displays it. Some visual fluff later I have the inspirator3000 (name is wip).

The QR-Inspiration ran for an undisclosed amount of time in the new media class at UdK Berlin↗, Room #112 on a Raspberry Pi and a spare screen to act as passive (or active) Inspiration.

You can still submit links to↗

a detailed moving loop for on of the steles


Functionality of the QR-Inspiration was achieved using↗. It is an online tool which allows people to create interactive visual web content without having to type a line of code. The “code” can be seen, used and modified here:

Code on↗
a detailed moving loop for on of the steles

Live Demo

below is a live canvas running the QR Inspiration