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Blink Injection

Blink Injection


“Blink Injection” is an experimental project focused on the intersection of user interaction and media consumption. This experiment tracks the eye movements of a computer user, specifically detecting each time they blink. Every blink triggers the display of the latest news about the COVID-19 pandemic. “Blink Injection” explores the tension between the necessity of staying informed during a global crisis and the psychological burden of constant exposure to distressing news.


“The COVID-19 pandemic brought an unprecedented flood of information, with daily updates and news dominating media channels. While staying informed was crucial, the relentless stream of often distressing news took a toll on people’s mental well-being. “Blink Injection” delves into this dichotomy, posing the question: how can we balance the need for information with the desire to protect our mental health?

A wide angle of the installation Gravity showing the six steles

“Blink Injection” is an exploration of our relationship with news media during the COVID-19 pandemic. By turning a simple blink into a conduit for information, this project challenges users to reconsider their engagement with news and highlights the delicate balance between staying informed and preserving mental well-being.